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New in 2002 by:Fawn @ Jan 6, 2002

Loved Friends,

May old things be viewed new in 2002.

Thank you for your prayers for us this past year. Because of the Lord's tender mercies and your prayers we were able to-

*Take Joel around the world to see God's gorgeous, multi-colored Bride. (you can find a blow by blow report of the trip on our website at www.gracebridge.org
*Speak in many places about the excellence of Jesus
*See the book "It's All About You, Jesus" released by Thomas Nelson
*Produce for Lydia a new CD called Give Me Jesus-A Prayer Journey for this Generation
*See Gracebridge's board established
*Begin research on a new book about Generations
*Joey began a new computer business called Digital Landmarks-check out his web site at
*Joel is growing tall in spirit and body (I am only a 1/4 inch taller at this point and he's fast closing in).
*Fawn accepted a new role in Lydia Prayer Fellowship in America.

As we look at the year ahead, we are set to finish a Prayer and Fasting Video for Kids, and to begin actual writing on the book "Generations". In this book we hope to turn the generations toward each other. We would love your prayers for a Tsunami of God's creativity to sweep us off our feet. We are also establishing Gracebridge as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit in the next few months, so we'd like the Lord's blessing and favor on all the hoops we need to hop through.

We crave your prayers as we seek God's vision for us regarding an outreach fellowship to the new university that is coming into our city. We have had 4 prophetic words independent of each other, that Gracebridge would be like L'Bri in Switzerland and we are wanting God to give us great specificity about the next step.

We have an opportunity and a challenge before us regarding the book HONOR. Gospel Light has kindly agreed to return the rights of the manuscript to us as soon as we sell the last 700 copies. I'd like to sell these copies at cost in the next two months! Quite a daunting challenge.

The advantage to having the rights back is that several major publishers have expressed interest in HONOR. Both these publishers have marketing muscle. Honor needs to find a new home. Like Winnie the Pooh I've been thumping my head, saying "Think, think, Think, think!". I've been praying for a solution.

Part of the solution is to offer the book in the next 4 weeks to our friends at cost which is $4.00 a copy plus postage. Perhaps you have a study group that might want to go through Honor or you might want to purchase them for gifts. Or you might not have any need of the book at all, but will pray with us that God will place the remaining copies.

May Jesus surprise you with His goodness and extravagance this year. Obviously we are in for a challenging year on many fronts, but we have embraced a God who is completely sufficient, and He is standing ready for us already in our future.

May you burn with sacred flame and blaze for His glory.

All for the Lamb,

Fawn, Joey and Joel


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