Tuesday, June 18, 2019  


Loved Followers of the Lamb,

For a while now, I've been coveting your prayers and knew today was time to tell you.

After an intense (As my darling English friends say) shed-you-all, New Zealand, Seattle, North Carolina, Salem, Oregon, in addition to local speaking, I was gone 5 weeks out of 8-and God was His Marvelous Self in all of those places (Thank you those who prayed), I realize I need to stick around the house, and finish my third book.

This realization was sourced by the prodding of the Holy Spirit, and knowing that Joey's love language is presence. He just likes me somewhere in the house. (Joel's on the other hand, primary love language is food. As long as he's eating well, he's happy).

So with the exception of two indigenous conferences in Montana and Oklahoma, I am staying home for 3 months and writing. And I long for God's breath on this book. I'm writing about the choice each of us have between spiritual self-absorption and generativity. My working title is "Embracing a Generation into Greatness".

Generativity is a big word with even bigger consequences. (I'm sure you were just talking about generativity at Starbucks last week). It's defined as the care and guidance invested into the next generation. I hope in this book to summon our generation to pour the rest of their lives into the next generation. Depending on our age that generation might be many ages. For 70 year olds, it might mean the 30-40 year olds. For college students it might mean pouring their lives into teenagers. For teen-agers it might mean investing their time in younger children. Generativity is a holy feature of God, that creates future. I believe this is a message on God's heart. Would you as God reminds you, pray for the birth of this message? I want it to be clear, concise, and unforgettable. And I'd like to see a whole generation turn from our self-absorption toward God's holy ambitions.

Joel is privileged God willing, to go to Uganda this summer to be with John Mulinde. He will join a team from Christ Our Shepherd in Washington DC. God is transforming Uganda before the world's eyes, as the AIDS rate has gone from 30% to 6%, and the World Health Organization is scratching their heads in amazement. One of Uganda's redemptive gifts is prevailing, travailing prayer. Joel will be with youth from many nations at a prayer conference, and then be out in the villages serving. Thank you to all those who have responded so generously to his prayer letter. We have been deeply touched at your outpoured love and offers to pray for him.

Joey remains the best husband ever. Today is the 29th anniversary of our engagement. Joey never forgets the anniversary of our engagement, and I almost never remember. Joey told a friend from DC last night, not to ever put her future husband through what I put him through right before our engagement. I told him I needed to pray and fast for three days before I decided. He said it was nerve racking!

We have been engaged in developing a School of Reconciliation Studies that will be web based concluding with a 7 day residency here in Ventura County with John Dawson and other reconciliation leaders from around the world. We have had much favor on the project and God willing will be ready to launch the school by early September. Our target audience is leaders, and working professionals who would like a course on the biblical basis of reconciliation, and exposure to best case studies around the world...leaders who desire to become sensitive, informed, creative reconcilers. We hope to multiply reconcilers around the world through this journey of obedience. I am asking the Lord to give us 5,000 students over the next 10 years. This is another project we are wanting you to pray for as God reminds you. We know we can do nothing absolutely nothing without Him. We want nothing of projects that are not birthed by, sustained by, and finished by Him. If you'd be interested in taking the course this fall let us know.

I've been deeply touched lately by Philip Yancy's Seeking the Invisible God, and any and all music of Rita Springer. If you're looking for unassuming, unadulterated worship that grabs your heart and leaves it palpitating on the altar, get Rita's albums. And Philip's book would have saved me 28 years of spiritual angst, had I read it 28 years ago. (unfortunately it wasn't written then).

Check out the new articles on this website if you haven't already done so.

Thank you for loving us so wonderfully. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Please keep us before the Father's heart as we come to mind. Your love and prayers are our greatest treasure.

All for the Lamb,

Fawn, Joey, and Joel Parish


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