Tuesday, June 18, 2019  


Loved Friends, In celebrating Thanksgiving, I want to take a moment and thank God for you. What a gift the gift of friendship! It is a deep and lifting joy. One of my favorite scriptures is that "He chose the twelve to be with Him." Jesus is a relational God, and as John Dawson says; "He builds His kingdom with gifts of friendship."

In looking over this past year, we as a family have so much to be thankful for. God saw me (Fawn) through a difficult surgery and recovery Joel was given a large scholarship to a prestigious high school called The Oaks. We"ve been blessed with 195 students from 17 nations registered in the International School of Reconciliation Studies. (God wonderfully knit everyone"s hearts together with His own, at the residency school). Travel and speaking took us to New Zealand, Nashville, Omaha, Nevada City, Yakima, Washington, Portland, and Southern California YWAM meeting thousands of dear people who love Jesus. The Bride of Christ is truly gorgeous. Joel was blessed to canoe down the Colorado River with his entire freshman class. And Joey discovered he is Native American!

But the greatest gift of all is love. We"ve been hemmed in by God's love, and the love of people like you. No material thing, or achievement can ever replace the nourishment of love. There is nothing more important than allowing ourselves to be loved by Him. Thank you for loving us.

We'd love your prayers as several opportunities are before us. Bethany House is considering re-launching HONOR. They need a killer title that will make people grab the book off the shelf and run to the register, or they won"t publish it. So if you have any great ideas for a title let us know. Recently I felt a stirring regarding producing again, videos and documentaries. We are praying in the equipment needed. The book "Embracing a Generation into Greatness" is about half finished. Speaking of books, we still have a lot of cases of It's All About You Jesus. If you"d like any copies for Christmas presents let us know.

To take a peek at what God is doing with the International School of Reconciliation Studies, simply go to www.gracebridge.org and use the pass words (must be all lower case).


Please pray that Jesus will capture the hearts of all we speak to. We"ve been invited to 8 reservations next year. Seven of them in one week in Montana. Lydia is doing 15 conferences in 2005 rather than one national conference and I"ll be a part of 4 of them, as well as many other conferences.

May your heart abound in thanksgiving and gratitude, and may the renown and fame of Jesus increase though your love.

We thank God that you are in our lives.

all for the Lamb!

Fawn, Joey and Joel


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