Tuesday, June 18, 2019  


A Statement of Repentance To This Generation

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children, and the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just. Proverbs 13:22

Believing God's high and holy ambition for you included being cherished by loving, attentive, godly parents, we confess our generation's grievous sin toward you of self-centeredness, self-absorption, and self-preoccupation. Worshiping at the altar of our own fulfillment, we prized our pleasure, putting our standard of living, and careers above your right to live and be nourished with tender, emotionally present parents.

Sacrificing 20 million of you on the altar of convenience; those of you who survived, experienced our abdication from our God assigned role in your life. We laid you at the feet of daycare, schools, babysitters, and entertainment. We did not accept the sacred privilege of mentoring you, and calling you into your high and holy destiny of loving and knowing God.

Because Jesus was not the heart of our story, we did not impart to you a knowledge of the Holy One. We failed to point you to Him. We did not nurture you in the ways of God. You did not see in us, the fruit of a godly, disciplined life. For those of you raised in church, we confess our lack of vision in training you to use your natural and spiritual gifts in meaningful ways. We did not take you seriously. We put in video's when we should have been pouring out our hearts.

Because all sin is a sin against relationship, we have sinned against you in not modeling loyalty in our marriages and commitments. We have failed to demonstrate to you through our relationships, the unconditional love and loyalty of God. God desired that you would know Him through how we loved and cherished you. We repent of our abject failure in showing you God's character and personality. We desire the fruit of our repentance to be proved by using our influence to promote you, our resources to support you, our prayers to empower and bless you, our arms to embrace and hold you.

May you experience the complete acceptance of the Father. May Jesus heal your wounds sustained through our indifference and immaturity. May you be nurtured by many fathers and mothers, who know the heart of God for you. May you forgive us, and become the generation that seeks Him. Though we have failed you, we commend you to the One who can redeem all things, to the One who is faithful and true, to the One who is passionately committed to you. We entrust you to the One who will never fail or forsake you, to the One who alone, can makes all things new.


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