Tuesday, June 18, 2019  


Loved Followers of the Lamb,

I've been coveting your prayers lately and thought it was time to tell you. Joey and I are hatching several eggs at once, and we crave your warmth and companionship with us in the nest!

After hearing John Mulinde at the Lydia Conference in Washington DC in October, I felt strongly to take a 3 month sabbatical. Intending to divest myself of all ministry, and set myself apart and listen, I was unprepared for what God actually had up His sleeve. Halfway through the sabbatical a couple of friends and I held a prayer retreat up at Lake Arrowhead. As we prayed, God seemed to put more eggs in my nest not less. I was incredulous, because the assignments were nothing I would have chosen.

The first egg has to do with developing a 6-9 month web-based School of Reconciliation Studies with a 2 week residency here in Ventura County. John Dawson is thrilled we are forming this. We are contacting reconcilers from all over the world, asking them to send us their best material which we will weave into a curriculum, (and possibly a book). We intend to scholarship students from the developing world, and to charge a minimal $350. for the course for American students. Ventura County has long
been prophesied by John Dawson and Cindy Jacobs to be a county of reconciliation. We believe God may use us to multiply reconcilers around the world. Would you pray for God's wisdom for us as
we develop the curriculum?

Another egg that caught Joey and I totally off guard was to plant a non-traditional church.
We are inviting our neighbors on the hill to a series of Cuisine and Conversation gatherings focused around the Alpha Video's and then we are going to watch what God does for them in spiritual formation. We envision very small but potent gatherings where God raises up leaders who in turn gather and disciple the lost. Using the acronym BELL, blessing, eating, listening, learning, we plan to begin God willing, mid-April. Would you pray with us that God will do all that is in His heart for this new adventure in obedience?

I am leaving for New Zealand on March 12 to teach for a week on Biblical World View for a YWAM combined DTS and Crossroads school. While there I'll also be speaking to a combined mtg. of Lydia and Deborah Associates...I'll meet with a group of Presbyterian elders, and have a mtg. with Polynesian International as well. Please pray for God's words on my lips, HIs anointing, and transformational times in His presence.

We've put some new articles on our website www.reignbridge.com and our resources are available there as well.

Thank you for loving us, and bringing us to the Father whenever we come to mind. We love and need you.

All for the Lamb!


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