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June 05 News

June 21, 2004

Dear Praying Friends,

I just returned from a speaking tour of 7 reservations in 7 days in Montana .  I traveled with the Montana Intercultural Team from Aglow. We covered over 1500 miles in going to every reservation in Montana .

God was His wonderful Self.  Worship was timeless, and we were received with open arms. I spoke on Lady Giant Killers of the Old Testament and did a series although only the traveling team heard the whole series. On the Crow reservation people wanting prayer  came to the altar so fast they beat the prayer team to the front!

My biggest memories;

For those of you who prayed, thank you, thank you.  We could tell it was a prayer saturated trip, with people praying across America .

Today at Lydia we prayed for the first nations peoples from Isaiah 61.  It's a wonderful chapter full of God's heart.

Joel is leaving for Barcelona in 2 weeks. We'd love your prayers for God's fullness for each person on the team as they go through Southern Spain .

Joey will be going with me to Billings Montana , for a follow up conference and the Crow Fair, a huge gathering of tribes from all over. We hope to do some filming regarding boarding school experiences, (Joey), while I will be speaking for several events.

Thank you for praying for us, for loving us so wonderfully, and for being such extraordinary friends.  We are rich with your love.


Fawn, Joey, and Joel


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