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News for 2005

Loved Friends,

Two of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day, let me tell those I love how grateful I am for you being a part of our  life. The greatest surprise of my life is in God giving us friends like you.   Growing up basically friendless, God has certainly switched the tables on me in old age!

George Herbert, the best poet ever, said; “Thou hast given me so much, give me one thing more, a grateful heart.”

We have so much to be grateful for…you'd be reading all day if I listed everything. I know time is precious, so I'll be brief.

Thank you for walking with us in this journey of obedience called Reignbridge. Apart from you, your prayers, your love, encouragement,

sweat equity, and generosity, Reignbridge wouldn't exist.  We are deeply thankful that you love us.  John Dawson says that

“God builds His kingdom with gifts of friendship.”  Thanks to you, we are exhibit A of that truth.

We are thankful for what God is doing locally. Just two weeks ago, over 75 senior pastors and leaders from all over Ventura County met to bless the nearby city of Oxnard .  God has some great things up His sleeve for this city. The church at large, is working with the city and police, sharing vision, resources, and blessing. The stories are marvelous. Prayer and blessing that day was unstoppable. We all knew the Lord was present.

We are thankful for what God is doing in His gorgeous indigenous people. God opened a large door to the Native American community this year. We spoke and found great friends on 9 reservations, (7 in Montana ), one in Arizona , and one in Oregon . In January, my dear friend Fern Noble and I spoke for a DTS in Hopiland. The directors in Hopiland,  Will and Millie Toms, are an amazing couple who have an extraordinary call on their lives. We are rejoicing with them that they just have experienced a great miracle of provision of a 9 acre training center in Flagstaff . If you'd like to read about it, you can go to their web-site www.tribalwinds.org Their address should you want to join them in celebrating God's goodness is  YWAM Tribalwinds' - PO Box 30776, Flagstaff, Arizona, 86003

We are thankful for Lydia Fellowship (which has been life transformative for me). Lydia  held 15 conferences across America  this year. We were privileged to minister at 4 of them in Oklahoma , Indiana , San Francisco , and Oregon , meeting new and precious women and young people at each.  Our son, Joel (15), led worship with me, at the San Francisco conference,  which was a particular sweetness from the Lord. Lydia is an exceptional world wide group of powerful, godly women who pray Scripture. If you'd like to know more about them you can go to their website www.lydiafellowship.org  If you'd like to invest in spreading prayer throughout the nation you can contact them at Lydia Fellowship International  PO Box 15118, Washington, DC 2000 3

We are thankful for the International School of Reconciliation Studies. Our house was teeming with new friends during the residency school last month. The presence of Jesus was deeply felt, which of course makes all the difference. We're grateful God created the International School of Reconciliation Studies. (because it was the last thing on our minds). We have had 246 people register from over 20 nations. Through the long diligent effort of our dear friend Lynn Heatley, the school is now available in binder form, a hardcopy for those who do not have access to a computer.  You can check out the school at www.gracebridge.org  Should you want to bless the school or Reignbridge, you can use the PayPal section on the school site.

We are thankful for learning parties. Lynn Heatley, a great leader and dear friend is doing 2 conferences/learning parties this year, and we've been privileged to  be part of both.  One is coming up December 2, 3 rd in San Juan Capistrano . There's still room left, if you're needing a break before the Holiday rush.  It's a healing conference and you can find the details at www.prayercommandpost.org

We are thankful for the privilege of embracing the next generation.  Joey and I are a couple of  Mamma's and Pappa's to a  gorgeous group of young emerging leaders. Unlike our generation, who said “Don't trust anyone over 30!”  and “Question Authority!”  this generation craves older people in their lives. We are deeply privileged to love these choice young people. Speaking of generations, my third book, Embracing a Generation to Greatness is still in need of a lot of prayer.  After thinking/praying/living it for the past four years, I think it's time to finish it. If you want, I'll send you the first chapter. Just let me know.

If you've read this far, you're truly patient and longsuffering.  There's so much more we're thankful for…particularly God Himself, loving us and

giving Himself up for us. He is truly the Worthy One, worthy of all our devotion, gratitude, and joy.

May this Thanksgiving find you stuffed to the gills with gratitude.

Enjoy God,

Fawn, Joey and Joel


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