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The International School of Reconciliation Residency Week
October 16-18, 2006

Christian Renewal Centre, Rostrevor, North Ireland

Favor, embrace, joy, God’s presence, laughter, unspeakable mysteries, ancient lands and histories, ancient wounds, ancient songs…these are just a few of the many words that come to mind about our Great Britain journey. In prayer, we felt God wanted us to go to Great Britain as great, great, grandchildren who were returning to bless their parents. So instead of using the lands we gathered in as simply props for a made in America program, we sought to honor the history of wealth of missionaries, leaders, and the cultural gifts of Great Britain that have so enriched us.

We sought to really listen to the people of the land, and oh, the stories we heard, the stunning people we met, the Holy Spirit’s diversity and beauty was present everywhere.We met Catholics and Protestants who were working together to dismantle paramilitaries in North Ireland, we heard the quiet angst of our brothers and sisters in Wales who are listening to the death rattle in the throat of their culture.

We met with a wonderfully creative congregation in England who have more vision than lifetimes, and one exceptional leader who feels called by God to see abortion abolished in England. In Scotland we prayed with emerging leaders who are contending for God’s fame in Scotland.

We met with Dr. Rhiannon Lloyd, a Welsh psychiatrist, who has touched over one million people in Africa through Trauma and Genocide Workshops on forgiveness and the cross. Singing the old Welsh revival hymns with her on the Llandudno pier, was a moment never to be forgotten.It’s no secret that Americans are for the most part deeply disliked in many places in Europe.

We sought to model the humility of Jesus, by listening, loving and learning. God in return, gave us what we think are life long friendships that we trust will grow into Kingdom expanding, God honoring relationships which will extend the fame and renown of Jesus throughout the earth.As a team we felt we were not only called to go on this trip seeking to model the humility and honor of Jesus, but to model as well, inter-generational ministry.

We were blessed with 4 extremely talented young twenty somethings, who were alive and awake to Jesus, and who prayed, prophesied, sang, over just about everyone we met. Melody, Nicole, Caitlin, and Andrea, were full partners, and participants, in everything we did. I cannot imagine ever going with a team again, that is not inter-generational,The beauty of inter-generational ministry is that the gospel is not confined to one culture, or generation. God’s fame and renown transcends culture and time, yet is uniquely expressed in each.

Phillip Brooks once defined preaching as truth filtered through personality. I would expand that to say that true ministry is the Person of Jesus filtered through generations and cultures. Because of these beautiful young women, we met many passionate worshippers andintercessors of their generation who are blazing with holy fire. Jesus is truly worthy of the adoration and passionate obedience of this generation.. God is pouring out His Spirit on this generation in unusual ways. It is our privilege and honor to wrap around our arms of love, prayer, and experience as we embrace them into their destiny.

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