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Loved Friends,

We are so thankful for the richness of your friendship.  Thank you for sustaining us with your love and prayers. (The older we get the more needy we feel of love and prayer!)

Be encouraged , dear heart if you've carried  prophetic promise that seem s unfulfilled for a very long time. You might feel like you'll be eighty before God fulfills His Word, but God is faithful who promised. He will perform with His hand what He has promised with His mouth.

Our God is the wonderful, consummate door opener ….hearts, tribes, generations, everything opens with just His whisper.  Here's a few of the doors we've walked through on our journey this summer.  (just in case you thought we were sitting around eating chocolate bon-bons!)

The Next Generation

God has opened a door into the hearts of a group of talented young twenty somethings in Malibu , who are involved in film, music and documentaries.  I spoke to them in June, and  God knitted our hearts . W e hope to be two, of many spiritual mothers and fathers to them…praying them into God's holy ambitions. (Two months later we had 17 of them  come up to the house, we barbequed steaks, and we taught them on hearing the voice of God).

About a month ago, Joey had a profound experience with God breaking His heart for this generation.  He has been wrestling with God, for young one friend in particular, and has been taking two hour Prayer walks at the close of day… and walking the floor at night, as his heart yearns for the salvation of one of our young friends.

Ancient me, got to speak not too long ago to a group of 6 to 15 years olds who were electric with worship and very serious about God. Their leader Tanja Geue, is doing a phenomenal work with youth. After I spoke, I prayed and prophesied over them, and felt like they were the ones who should have been laying hands on me!  Oy, Oy, Oy, how backward we are!

 In Montana   we met two gorgeous young women who work with Heidi Baker and HIV/AID's babies, and child prostitutes in Mozambique .  We fell in love with them, and prayed and prophesied into their futures. One of them had just asked God; “So where are the 40 and 50 ish women who are suppose to mentor us?”

God's Gorgeous Native Bride

This year by God's design, I'll speak on 10 reservations. In Montana I spoke on 7 reservations in 7 days, with the Montana Intercultural Team from Aglow.  13 of us traveled together throughout the State of Montana and we got to pray and speak God's words to every reservation in the State. We did some filming on the Native American Boarding School issue.  I fell in love with the team. God is doing something very unique , restoring hope and identity on the reservations. 

Just last week we were back in Montana , speaking for a Native Women's gathering.  I team taught with our lovely and wise friends, Fern Noble and Rita Bear Gray who adopted Joey into the Cree nation. At the Crow Pow Wow, Jonathan Maracle and Broken Walls played and lead worship at the Crow Pow Wow, a hugely significant moment, as native instruments and dance were used for the first time in that setting in Christian worship.  Many of our dear native sisters wept.

Joel's Summer

Joel through the generosity of many friends like you, spent a month of ministry in Spain , and came back even more convinced God has called him to be a techno-missionary. Several weeks ago, he led worship with me for a Lydia conference in San Francisco . I loved having him on guitar. Joel, along with his buddy Kyle, got to experience the richness of Biblical meditation and praying for the nations, the wonderful DNA of Lydia.  He just shaved off his beard today, and in 10 minutes took off about 6 years!  Who knew the fountain of youth was a razor!

Praying with Leaders

We consistently are blessed to pray with spiritual leaders and speak into their lives what we hear. Several Baptist pastors from Ventura County , along with our dear friend Lynn Heatley, were  privileged to pray with Curtis Sargent at Saddleback, a dear, wise, gifted man who is one of the designers of the Peace Plan, an ambitious vision of Rick Warren to mobilize 1 billion Christians to be 24/7 missional about conquering the 5 Global Giants of

1. Spiritual Blindness

2. Corrupt Leadership

3. Poverty

4. Disease

5. Ignorance

You'll be hearing much about the Peace Plan as it is announced in October of 2006. I believe this effort  will produce much kingdom expansion.

Tomorrow, Joel starts school, and we break into a new rhythm of 5:30 am wake ups, car pooling,

Water polo, and preparing for the upcoming residency school for the International School of

Reconciliation Studies…we are longing for God to come marvelously like He did last year, and meet with each of our students. We have 220 registered for the school, and about a tenth of them are coming to the residency …we are asking God to do a deep life impacting work in us.

We are coveting your prayers, as tomorrow marks a new season of opportunity and challenge. Like you, we are praying for very large outbreaks of God's fame and renown to cover the earth. 

Thank you for loving us, for listening to God for us, and walking with us on this journey as we humble our way deeper into God's heart.  We need you.


Fawn, Joey, Joel




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