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Prayer Points for Mama Shekinah Film

Updated Prayer Points for Mama Shekinah Film

You do not test the resources of God until you attempt the impossible. F.B. Meyer

There are three stages in any work of God, impossible, difficult, done. Hudson Taylor

Loved Friends,

We are so pleased to tell you that after 18 months in the impossible stage, and many months in the difficult stage, we are quite close to finishing the Mama Shekinah documentary. We are hoping to finalize the American edition within the next three months. We are planning a multi-phase roll out in the following languages;
Juba Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Swahili. The translations/sub-titles hopefully will roll out months after the English release. We have had many offers from nationals to translate the film into their language.

If you'd like a peek of the first two minutes and 33 seconds of the film, you can view it at

http://vimeo.com/10447860 (make sure your speakers are on).

God has demonstrated His great generosity of heart to us through you. We have been so humbled at the willingness of many talented people who have come together in this labor of love for the Kingdom. Many of you have prayed, given, encouraged, and helped bring this documentary into being. We are so thankful. Don't stop now!

Speaking of prayer, we have sought to marinate this project in prayer. We would so love you to join us if you live in America, on our prayer conference call this Saturday at 9 am Pacific Standard time. Even if you can be on the call just 5 or 10 minutes we would so love you to join us.

Prayer Conference Call
Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4810
Participant Access Code: 205666#
We would love your prayers for Southern Sudan. There are elections this April, and there will be another vote early in 2011 for Southern Sudan to become it's own nation.
Two people I know, had Jesus appear to them and say the church must draw a line in the sand for Sudan, or Islam will go from Cairo to Cape Town. This is a significant moment in the history not only of Sudan but Africa. Please ask the Lord if Sudan is to be a part of your prayer life in the coming months.

Pascal said that with prayer, God gives man the dignity of causality. Your prayers for Sudan can shape history.

The more we see the wounds of the world, the more we are convinced that forgiveness is the key to healing of ancient hatred. We see this film promoting the power of forgiveness to many cultures and people groups. We believe God's anointing is significantly on Mama Shekinah's story and that it will be transformative to those who see it.

We are praying about a distribution model where churches will become theatres, sell tickets, and keep half the ticket revenue for their mission projects. (Let us know if your church would be interested in showing the completed film).

If God leads you to contribute you can by snail mail, Reignbridge 540 West Highland Drive, Camarillo, Ca. 93010 or by web, with paypal www.reignbridge.com/?page=resources
Thank you for being in this God adventure with us. May His fame and renown continue to increase through you.
Fawn and Joey Parish

The Story-Colin, born in the Bahamas, is feral. His is a life hell deep in drugs, jail, and sexual perversion. At a ministry school in England, Colin falls in love with Hedwig from Paraguay, recently healed from a life hell deep in squeaky clean, spiritual legalism, anorexia, and perfectionism. They marry and travel all over East Africa teaching trauma and grief recovery. One year later, Colin and Hedwig are attacked in Sudan by children of the Lord's Resistance Army. Colin is killed, and Hedwig, who is pregnant begins to lose their baby. Hedwig two years later returns, with their two year old daughter, Shekinah, to live among and express forgiveness to the abducted child soldiers of the Lord's Resistance Army.

What's our greatest hope for this? Millions of international viewers who realize afresh how worthy Jesus is of a life given fully to Him.

Our Goals are to powerfully document through this story-

1. God's capacity to redeem anyone and anything
2. God's power to bring healing to the hardest places
3. God's ability to creates life from costly forgiveness.

Distribution-We are praying for some divine connections regarding this. We need God to open wide doors that only He could open, in order to be viewed in many nations. Right now we are praying for some well known individuals to view and endorse this project.

Possible Book Hook-Sovereign World, a British publishing company connected with Ellel, is doing a book on Hedwig.

Most of All-We want God's fingerprints all over this film, from inception, to carrying, to delivery. May it accomplish all that's in His heart, and export the power of forgiveness to many nations in Africa and around the world.




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