Tuesday, June 18, 2019  


On April 9th 2002, California's Secretary of State approved the paperwork for Reignbridge to become an non-profit corporation. (we tried to get the name Gracebridge but it was taken). Strike up the band! This is the culmination of many months of prayer and thinking out-loud with God and good friends about our future and our calling.

Reignbridge exists to embrace, encourage, and enhance emerging and existing leaders toward a passion for the preeminence of Jesus in all things. The vision includes innovative engagement with Universities, day retreats, prayer summits for leaders, and the creation of resources, (books, video's, documentaries, music), that will turn leader's faces toward Jesus.

Please pray with us as we begin this journey that God's pleasure will be done and that Jesus will receive the maximum glory through the life-span of Reignbridge. We do not want to run ahead or lag behind any of His initiatives. We want to hear Him clearly, and be supple and responsive to His voice. We also covet a band of friends who will pray for us as God brings us to mind. Would you consider being part of our prayer band? If so just email fawn@gracebridge.org. We are also longing for prayer about several significant writing proposal's before us.

All for the Lamb,
Joey, Fawn and Joel Parish


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