Tuesday, June 18, 2019  


Wish List

Occasionally Reignbridge is asked about our practical and financial needs for this journey.  Joey and Fawn are the worst people to ask about this, because they will typically say “Just be our friends.”  Here’s what they rarely say-

Gifts of Prayer-The sweetest gift you can give us is prayer. Pray for wisdom, for God-given strategy. We want only to do what we see the Father doing. Pray we will listen carefully and obey quickly. We'd love a loyal band of people praying for us.  (If anyone wants to head that up let us know). Prayer is the greatest gift you can give Reignbridge.  As we embrace, educate, and encourage emerging leaders, pray they will come into their destiny. Other needs are as follows;

Gifts of Technology- we will increasingly be producing videos and documentaries, and we need the following.

 *A 3 chip digital Sony HDR FX1  video camera  (cost estimates $5,000)

*Final Cut Pro HD-software

*Apple G5

Gifts of Expertise-

*  draftsman, soil engineer, heavy equipment operator, volunteer construction workers, a landscape architect, and tile setters. (for building more rooms for our guests, and a multi-purpose room for upcoming gatherings).

Material Gifts

*  financial scholarships for students from the developing world to take the course on Reconciliation and attend the residency portion.

* ongoing finances for keeping Reignbridge visioneering into the future.


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