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Our desire is that these resources will be used to encourage all who use them

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bridgemaker.tv stories that span generations and geography


Reconciliation and Justice as a Way of life, A compilation of the writings of many reconcilers addressing the wounds of the world. This book is the basic reader for the International School of Reconciliation Studies.


Deeper Still, past voices, present wisdom on knowing God ($18.00)

We have the rare privilege of standing in a long line of Jesus followers throughout the centuries; men and women whose voices echo through time and ricochet off our hearts. We find in their words, a resonance, a ring of truth, a rich vein of wisdom. This is a 16 week curriculum on spiritual formation.


The Power of Honor, Learning to love well  ($12.00)

We’ve been so encouraged by your notes about how the book has impacted your thinking. Please pray with us that God will, as it pleases Him, see this book gets into the hands of those He chooses.

all about Jesus
It's All About You, Jesus A Fresh Call To An Undistracted Life
by Fawn Parish

In modern Christendom, religious catchphrases and spiritual slogans abound, but too often these buzzwords are a smoke screen for lives without substance. At best, they are the peripherals that threaten to overshadow the one thing we truly need … more intimacy with Jesus.


Living a Life that Outlives You [Kindle Edition]

Maybe your children are grown, perhaps you’ve sold your company, maybe you’re looking for your next great challenge, your next big “yes”! Something inside you intuitively knows there has got to be more than same-ol’ tame-o, lame-o, habitual routine. You instinctively know you are wired for more. You hold in your hand a big invitation in the guise of this small book



Mama Shekinah, A moving documentary filmed in Sudan, of an unlikely pair, one squeeky clean, full of legalism, one a pimp and drug pusher, who find healing, get married, and go to East Africa. They are ambushed by children from the Lord's Resistance Army, One of them is killed, and the other returns to live with children who were part of the LRA.  DVD only.

The Best of Jean Darnall ,($20.00) a one hour twenty minute conversation about miracles, a vision of heaven, cultural views of holiness, and the future of Christianity.  DVD only.


Get All Four of These Titles on One DVD ( $20.00)

Prayer and Fasting for Kids,) a fast paced 7 minute video (narrated by kids for kids) that encourages children to fast and pray for other nations. Preview

The 10/40 Window for Kids, a wonderful 6 minute video used to teach kids about missions across America and around the world. Preview

Prayerwalking for Kids, a snappy upbeat 6 minute video for kids on how to pray for your community. Preview

The 10/40 Window for Adults, a compelling 6 minute video used by mission agencies and churches across America.


No Boundaries,($8.50) is a cassette tape of Fawn playing provisational piano


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