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Summer Schedule 2001 by:Fawn @ Jun 16, 2001

July 23-London
July 28-Ireland
August 1-Israel
August 7-Jordan
August 10-India
August 14-Nepal
August 18-Thailand
August 24 Los Angeles
August 27-Joel begins Middle School!

World Trip Update by:Fawn @ Jul 26, 2001

Loved Friends,

Thank you so much for praying for us. We arrived in London with a minimum of jet lag. Yesterday we had lunch with the European Director of Lydia, Molly, who is one of the dearest people on the Planet. I always come away from her with a very significant sentence. This time it was It's not as important to know what God has done in the past, or what He is doing now, but what He is about to do.

Today we are going up to Cambridge. It will be good to pray where so many have touched by God and blessed the earth. England is rich with spiritual heritage that has blessed the nations.

We treasure your prayers.
Joey Fawn and Joel

Friday 27 July 2001 by:Fawn @ Jul 27, 2001

Loved friends,

Today we have red sun crisped noses from punting the backs at Cambridge. Yesterday we were in Oxford which was gorgeous and heart wrenching, awesome and terrible. We stood where Latimar was burned at the stake. We saw John Wesley's first meeting house. My prayer has been Constantly; Lord raise up again leaders. Fearless men and women who will fear nothing but God.

Later we stopped by Bulstrode and saw C.T. Studd's memorabilia. It was interesting how C.T. Studd's father was led to the Lord by D.L. Moody. There has been a long and holy reciprocity between America and England. And I believe God wants to do it again.

Tomorrow we're off to N. Ireland early in the morning. Thank you for praying for us.

The Punting Parish's

Ireland by:Fawn @ Jul 29, 2001

Loved Friends,

We are now on the Emerald Isle, staying at a Reconciliation Center in Rostrevor.

Our room overlooks the Carlingford Lough which is a bit of sea that is lovely.

This morning we went to Mass with the local Benedictine Monks, and stayed a bit to speak with the fathers, (who I cluelessly kept calling brothers). They had some great suggestions for initiating relationship between Catholics and Protestants by gathering around the Word of God in Ventura County. I told them about the Southern Baptist pastor who fell on his knees weeping at a prayer summit, saying "They're not all here, they're not all here, and we don't even miss them."

Last night and tonight we went to the Fiddler's Green a local musical festival full of lilting melodies, gaelic dancing and sweet happy children, three of which stole my heart. They were quite delighted that we were taking video's of them. Joey told them they're faces would be seen around the world, at which they squealed with delight!

Your notes and prayers on the Guest page mean much to us. Don't stop.

Joey, Fawn and Joel

Ireland II by:Fawn @ Jul 31, 2001

Loved Friends,

Yesterday we "accidentally" ran into 20 Americans who were with the Elijah List conference in Wales and then came to Ireland to pray. They invited us to join them today, so we're off to different prayer sites on this stunning isle.

The director of the Center where we're staying, Harry Smith, a prophetic intercessory leader who has wept much over Ireland, shared a prophetic picture yesterday that immediately clarified the political situation for me.

The picture was seen by a man named David Kidd in 1990 who saw a picture of a family trying to pose for a portrait. The man in the portrait was frustrated and just wanted it all over with. The one son was unruly and wouldn't fit into the picture. The mother despised the man, and wanted to control the child. The child wanted to do it's own thing and desperately wanted it's Dad's approval. David Kidd felt the man in the picture was England who had raped the woman (Ireland) and that the child (North Ireland) was the result of this rape. The only hope was that the man would repent for his unjust use of the woman, the woman forgive the man, and the child cease from insisting on manipulating both parents for it's own ends.

Last night I taught on The Dream of Jesus for Ireland. We had a good time praying together Isaiah 62:4 and Ezekiel 37 afterwards.

Pray that our ears will be open to hear the story of the land and God's Commentary as we go through each country.

Fawn, Joey and Joel

Israel by:Fawn @ Aug 5, 2001

Loved Friends,

We have been listening to the most amazing stories since we've been here. We have a heart and mind full! Israeli, Palestinian, and all shades between. It is our prayer to listen well. May His Kingdom come, His will be done,to all the sons, of Abraham.

It is sweltering hot, and we understand it's nothing compared to Jordan and India at 120 degrees. I need to buy some clothes that breathe! Please pray for safe passage across to Jordan on Tuesday morning.

We've seen every imaginable holy site, many of them questionable, but the beauty of any land is it's people. And God seems to be directing our steps to amazing people all of which are anxious for us to hear their story.

Several people have stopped to thank us for coming. There are almost no tourists anywhere, and it is creating much economic hardship on the shopkeepers.

I find it is very hard to pray here and other believers find the same dificulty, for those who live here. Someone said today that Israel is a third world country dressed in first world clothes. Taxes are 50 % and life here is difficult and stressful. We want to be an encouragement to those who are weary.

Your notes mean so much, please keep them coming. And Lynn and Mike, of course everything we have is available to Leah.

Joey Fawn Joel

Petra by:Fawn @ Aug 9, 2001

Loved Friends,
What could have inspired an ancient people to create such beauty? Today we hiked about 9 miles through Petra, and if it was 105 degree's we would have taken off our hats in reverence. The place is stunning beyond telling.
I had a long talk with a Bedouin and learned much about their culture. They're allowed four wives, they travel at night 50 kiloeter at a time and are spread throughout the Middle East.

In a few hours we leave for India. We'll be in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia for a couple of hours then arrive in India first thing in the morning. We climb into a car, and then drive 5 hours to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.

I've been invited to speak to a gathering of New Delhi University students Saturday night, so please pray I have God's heart and words for them.

Your notes really fuel us. Keep them up!

Much Love,
Fawn, Joey and Joel

India by:Fawn @ Aug 10, 2001

Loved Friends,

After traveling for a day and a half with very long lay over's in Oman and United Arab Emirates, we arrived in Delhi and immediately plunged into a very full day, not to mention an extreme case of culture shock. We could not prepare our hearts deeply enough for how poverty stricken this country is. The children beg with heart wrenching looks that empty your heart, (and your wallet, if you're not careful).

Our driver for the day spoke almost no-read "hi" was the limit of his english. He was a kamikaze driver who effectivly dodged cows, beggars sitting in the street and streams, and streams of cars that create their own lanes constantly and often go in different directions all at once. I think we killed off a couple of hundred guardian angels at 90 miles and hour with zero tolerance for error.

We would REALLY like prayer. Obviously we all need a good night sleep, but it seems as if there is some sort of force pushing us out of India constantly. We are in a very challenging hotel, and we need the Lord to open another place that would be more suitable.

The environment here is very complex. The 100+ heat doesn't help matters as we are oozing H2O from every pore, and we can't drink the water.

Today we punted the back of the Taj Mahal, as we drove for 5 hours and found it was closed.
We enjoyed the beauty of the place and the small boat.

We even took a horse and carriage to get to the Taj.

Please, please pray that Jesus will open every door He desires to open here in India, and that God will amaze us with His thoughtfulness.

Much love,
Fawn Joey and Joel

India Part II by:Fawn @ Aug 12, 2001

Loved Friends,

Minutes after we wrote our last post about India, God turned the tide for us. Someone suggested a much nicer hotel, right next to the one where we were staying. It has been a huge boost to our morale and emotions.

India is so hard to wrap your mind around. None of us were prepared for the extreme culture shock. Last night we saw hundreds of people sleeping on a thin divider on the highway, and my brain could not even register what it was seeing.

Last night I spoke to more than 60 University of Delhi students and Koreans on leadership. They were fervant in prayer, exhuberant in worship, and attentive to the Word. I was invited back next year to two or three schools in India. The University of Delhi is equivelent to our Harvard or Stanford here. There are 350,000 students, and many colleges that are part of the system.

Afterwards we went out to eat with the leaders to genuine Indian food which was lip smacking good. Earlier in the day we had lunch with the Kumar family who are parents of our dear friends in Camarillo.

We are getting a good look at many levels of society here. My strong consolation is that the Lamb will prevail in India.

We are feeling much encouraged. We are in good health, and Joey and Joel make the absolute best travel companions. And they say "Hi!" to you too!

Thank you so much for praying for us, and sending little notes via the Guestbook. We always open the guest book like little kids at Christmas.

much love,
Fawn Joey, and Joel

Nepal by:Fawn @ Aug 14, 2001

Loved Friends,

We've just arrived in Nepal, and it's a fresh breath of air compared to Delhi! People here are friendly, out-going, and the atmosphere is very different although poor. I will never quite understand what creates atmosphere, but you certainly can feel differences in place to place, that go way beyond economy's.

People we've talked to say Northern India and Southern India are vastly different. Northern has very few Christians, people are not as warm and the atmosphere is different. New Delhi is in Northern India, so it's not fair for us to think of all of India in terms of just Northern. It was an experience!

Last night I spoke to a Korean DTS made up of University students on the Father Heart of God. We were warmly received and invited back.

We had lunch yesterday in Delhi with a young man who has a heart for street children. 12 percent of Indian children are HIV positive. He is starting a home for them, and wants to keep the homes small and personal. Joel volunteered to create a web site for him.

Your notes to us are sweet drinks of cool water. Keep praying for us. We are wanting to connect with several people here, and we've lost all our phone numbers.

much love,
Fawn Joey and Joel

Nepal Day II by:Fawn @ Aug 15, 2001

Loved Friends,

This morning we had breakfast with a dear man named Beki MaHarjan. Beki works with YWAM and took us to Pasupati Nath, Dubar Square and Buddha Nates (Tibetian Refugees).

We saw people being cremated on stone. Their ashes are swept into the same river where little children swim, and people wash their clothes. There were many visuals today that we got on tape. Today was probably our best day of filming. Please pray for our camera which has been acting up.

Joel is not feeling well either, so we'd appreciate prayer that God would touch our darling man. He is weak, and had a sore throat this morning.

Nepal is definitely my favorite country so far. The people are warm. And while there is much poverty there seems to be much more hope here than in Delhi.

Tomorrow we hope to connect with some leaders. Then Friday we leave for Thailand. Our last country.

Your notes and encouragement are like cool water to three thirsty souls. God has been His splendid self this whole trip and your friendship with us is our joy.

Fawn Joey and Joel.

Thailand by:Fawn @ Aug 17, 2001

Loved Friends,

After 20 hours or so in transit yesterday, we arrived in Chaing Mai Thailand travel weary but thrilled to be in a wonderful hotel that Sherrie provided for us. Our last day in Nepal we went out to the villages outside Kathmandu and the green rice fields looked like the green had been plugged into a wall socket. (Like Ireland with rice paddies, Joel said). It was lovely and quiet. and a good contrast. We had lunch with the only Christian family in that village.

Then thanks, to some fast footwork by Celia, we were able to have dinner with a couple in Kathmandu who are doing a tremendous work. They are full of creativity and favor and are having a significant impact on Nepali lives. They said that in the 1960's there were only 25 believers, but now there are 400,000 to 600,000.

We would love prayer for Joey. He woke up this morning feeling quite sick, so we wanted to marshall all of you to be praying for him. After tolerating a zillion unusual microbes, appearently some bottled water did him in.

Joel is much better now. Thank you for praying for him. We both have a cold in one nostril! We're meeting Sherrie at noon. Lynn Heatley, you were right, I think Thailand is suppose to be a place for us to rest.

We are asking the Lord to give us His heart and mind for Thailand and that will have sensitive ears and eyes to all He wants to show and say.
We'll be home August 24, and we're all quite ready. We've found four days in each country is just about right. We have met precious people, heard amazing stories and God has been His thoughtful Self all through our journey.

We are so thankful for you,

Fawn Joey and Joel

Thailand II by:Fawn @ Aug 19, 2001

Loved Friends,

Joey is vertical again! Hurray! Thank you for praying. Yesterday Joel swam quite a bit, and Sherrie and I discussed leadership issues, in dealing with multi-denominational and multi-ethnic staff. It was a good relaxed day which we sorely needed. Joey stayed in bed all day which he sorely needed.

We are hoping to get up north and ride elephants and go down a river on a bamboo raft, followed by a healthy dose of treking, and seeing some indigenous villages and tribal peoples. Sounds wonderful.

We see the Lord's wisdom in having Thailand last on our journey, and the food is to die for, and our hotel is pleasant, and Sherrie keeps us laughing no matter what the story.

Your notes are always read with hungry eyes. Thank you for loving us.

Fawn, Joey Joel

Thailand III- Prayer Request by:Fawn @ Aug 20, 2001

Loved Friends,

Joey managed to be vertical part of the day yesterday but still is not up to snuff, and is still quesy and weak. Joel is not feeling well either.

So we're taking life slow and not doing much. We went to film a Buddhist temple. One interesting place had a sign "Women prohibited." so of course we had to peek inside the gate and saw what looked like tailor's dress manequins of women in a circle. Not sure what that was about. Last night after dinner, Sherrie read us a hilarious tale by Gerrald Durran about a pig called Esmeralda. Sherrie is the best story teller.

We are facing an intense schedule once we returned to the States. (Joey's starting Digital Landmarks, Joel is starting Middle School and I have several out of state conferences, a pastors prayer summit and a retreat to lead). In light of that, we would like to come home rested and in good health. We apprecitate your prayers toward that end.

Your love means so much to us.

Fawn Joey and Joel

Trekking  by:Fawn @ Aug 21, 2001

Loved Friends,

Thanks to your prayers and the generosity of God, Joey was able to join us as we trekked through the jungle visiting several tribes. We were with the Hmong, the Lisu (Of J.O. Frazier and Isabel Kuhn fame), and the Karen who Adonirum Judson wept over a century ago.

We rode elephants back in for almost an hour, then hiked, and I the mouse potato herself, amazingly made the steep inclines.

We ended the day with a ride down the river on a bamboo raft. We were all double soaked, from sheets of sweat to river water.

It was a wonderful day, and we arrived home tonight soaked to the bone, and very thankful for hot showers and dry clothes.

Tomorrow we plan to rest before returning home on Friday. This has been an amazing trip. Each country so unlike the other. I believe Joel is catching God's passion for the nations, which of course was the purpose of the trip to start.

Thank you for taking the journey with us in your prayers.

We love you,
Joey, Fawn and Joel

Home Again! by: @ Aug 27, 2001

Loved Friends,

Often when someone finishes a long trek to another country, everyone stops praying the moment they get home. We beg you not to quit now we're safely back.

We got home Friday evening, and Saturday morning I zipped through an enormous stack of mail, returned many phone calls and was feeling fine, until I got in the car to go get a haircut. I almost started weeping as I drove. Here we live in a beautiful home, in a pleasant city with perfect weather and a great economy. I couldn't reconcile the moment, with India. How was I any different than a street beggar in India? Why had God blessed us so much as a nation.

I felt very weepy and fragile. Lynn Heatley, a dear friend friend prayed with me this morning (Sunday), and a phrase she used stuck on my spirit like a post-it-note. She said; "We are blessed to be a blessing." All of a sudden I saw that all of our prosperity in America is to be a blessing to the nations. May we never forget how privileged we are with so much.

Joel starts middle school tomorrow, (that alone will increase my prayer life dramatically), Joey starts Digital Landmarks, and I have a fairly heavy conference/retreat schedule ahead. Pray God gets the maximum glory for Jesus out of the three of us.

Thank you so much for the many notes, prayers, words of wisdom and encouragement. Your love for us means so much.

Fawn, Joey and Joel

Fall News by:Fawn @ Nov 17, 2001

Loved Friends,

We've been back for almost 3 months!

I just wrote a friend about our trip around the world that in Israel we stayed with a Danish couple, in Jordan with an Indonesian couple, in India I taught a Korean DTS! We were truely exposed to the nations!(England, Ireland, Nepal we stayed with natives).

Since being back, Joey has started a new computer business (anyone needa new computer?), Joel has started middle school, and Fawn has been speaking various places. One invitation that was especially meaningful was speaking on Deepening Your Prayer Life at Azusa Pacific University.

I will be joining Lynn Heatley November 27-Dec 2nd on what we are callingthe Great California Adventure. We will be traveling to the cities ofFresno, Oakhurst, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose to meet with regional prayer leaders. I am currently writing an article called"Praying with a Tampered Ephod" on honoring all the various prayer tribes and seeing what they tell us about Jesus. The key thought is that we must go into the presence of God with all the tribes on our heart. Please pray for wisdom, clarity, and keen sensitivity to the Holy Spirit on this trip.

I am about to begin my next book on Generations. And we have some video's in the works. Just tonight our home church (South Coast Fellowship), is praying over the launch of Gracebridge.

Blessed Thanksgiving to each of you. May a Tsunami of gratitude over take us all.

All for the Lamb,


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