Deeper Still, past voices, present wisdom on knowing God

We have the rare privilege of standing in a long line of Jesus followers throughout the centuries; men and women whose voices echo through time and ricochet off our hearts. We find in their words, a resonance, a ring of truth, a rich vein of wisdom. This 16 week curriculum on spiritual formation, was initially designed for the launching of Favor of God's Mission Training School in Gulu, Northern Uganda .  As we shaped the contours of this course, we recognized our hunger to listen to ancient voices, fellow companions, who feared the Lord and had gone on before us. We felt their story of God was invaluable, something to be treasured and preserved. While there are some contemporary voices included here, the weight of the text is by those who while dead, still speak. It is our hope that this text will become a tapestry of interwoven cultures, prayer and wisdom,  shaping the thinking of passionate, obedient, lovers of Jesus in many lands. This workbook can be used as part of your devotional life, or as the basis of a small group discussion.